What day is it?

My take? We are not very bright. We don’t think. We accept what we are told. We don’t TEST what we are told. We are lazy, and naive to the point of being undeserving of liberty. And for that reason we will sacrifice liberty for what we perceive to be security. And as long as the talking-heads can convince the general public that the federal government can PROTECT THEM, we sheeple will patriotically give up every right we have if it makes us feel safe — while singing GOD BLESS AMERICA. ~ http://bdd3.co/3p

A shit load of people died 10 years ago. People are still dying today in undeclared wars overseas. I want to know what really happened. I’m tired of every explanation I’m being offered leaving an opening for another question. I’m tired of being branded non-patriotic for not drinking the kool-aid. I’m tired of those who suggest that I’m dishonoring the memories of those that died that day, or are still dying today. On the contrary, I feel that we dishonor them more by letting their deaths be veiled in lies.

I’m including a link. Yes, the info on this site COULD be 90% bullshit. (I don’t believe that it is.) That said, if only 10% of this stuff is true, then we’ve been -and still are being – horribly lied to.


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