Don’t look, Doc!

Today, I went out on a limb on my daily morning walk.

A couple of weeks ago, I’d charted out a 3 mile route that I would take every day to get my ticker healthy and I thought that I could use my completion times to judge my progress of recovery.

My best walking time if I pushed it was about 44 minutes.

Today though, I started to jog. (sorry, doc and all those that think I’m not ready!)

I kinda did the old man creep, but I still call it jogging since I’ve never been able to do anything like it in my life. My strides were small, probably only 2 feet or so, but I did it , and kept doing it for about 1/2 my route. Not bad for a first attempt if I should say so. AND, I was on the phone while I did it! (Thank you for calling!) It’s super cloudy today here in Portland and clouds seem to fuck with my GPS wicked bad. GPS first reported that I’d cleared my path in 37 mins, but I don’t believe it. I hope I did better than that.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to start jogging a bit sooner on my route, and jog for longer. I know that I have to take it easy. I’m not really pushing myself. I’m concentrating on form now and just trying to KEEP MOVING. I’ve found my motivation.

So, if the doctors have technically killed you, and you’re on the same path to recovery as I am…

Find. your. motivation.
Chase. your. inspiration.

I’m exactly one month post surgery and I’m starting to jog. If I can do it, you can too.
Instead of asking the doctors what you can and can’t do (they base most of their limits on their experience with 60-80 yr olds), get them to tell you ” If it hurts, don’t do it.” That’s all I really needed to hear from my doctors.

Know your body.

Stretch. Lightly. Not even to the point where you feel it at first. Just make sure you’re moving. Recovery is the key. Standard of living and making sure that your life is BETTER post recovery is paramount. Find your prize, and keep your eye on it. Every day you take a step in that direction is a good day.

I started Cardio Rehab on day 29. Make note of what exercises they prescribe. They will start you very very light. I always travel with one of those surgical tubing bands, and by draping it over a door or around a door knob, I notice that I’m able to duplicate the movements and can exercise on my off days from rehab. Again, if it hurts, don’t do it. But, do SOMETHING. As often as you can.

Now, you’ll have some days that are worse than others. Don’t view them as “Bad”. I’ve had moments were I moved wrong, or forgot that I was hurt and twisted weird. Yeah, I felt it the next day. But, I DIDN’T feel it the day after that!

I have a visit with my surgeon on the 30th, and I’m kinda hoping to be cleared for work on the 4th. We’ll see. I’m fortunate to have a job that is little more than typing , carrying a cell phone, and pointing at things.

My job isn’t my motivation, but it’s a nice distraction to my down time.

Good luck to you in your recovery.

I’m open for phone calls from total strangers. I’ll tell you my story. Five won too, seven ate 5, to phive 2 six.

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