One Week Down

Time really flies, Doesn’t it? Just a week ago, I was just TALKING to a guy about hacking my chest open. One week later, I’m back at home sleeping off the hangover. (I’m not even really hung over!)
Home, and getting into my groove, I don’t know for sure that my experience of the past week has soaked in yet. Maybe it’s because the Doctors have been so impressed by my recovery. They’ve called my recovery “super human”. There was some “total suck” stirred in, but the experience as a whole wasn’t nearly as effed up as I’d expected. – yes, I said ‘effed’ up, you thought ‘fucked’ in your head, and I can claim higher moral ground because I didn’t swear. What a total bag of bull shit. Right?
Even though I’m apparently ahead of the game, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. The universe has taken some pretty great care of me over the past year or so. I’m still taking it easy. Not rolling straight into ass-kicking mode. Going to try to do nothing more strenuous than walking. Hopefully, I can get back up to my 10 miles a day. I’m carrying my Fitbit again! Yay! I really missed it.
It’s been my constant companion for maybe 2 years now. You can kick my ass to get/keep me up and moving by monitoring me here on my Fit Bit Profile Page
I’m a little disappointed in how tired I still am, and how simply walking about the house kinda kicks my ass. I know, I know. It will get better.
For a while, while the new is wearing off of my ticker upgrade, I’ll be talking about some of the stuff that I went through so that other guys my age – or others that were caught by surprise, as I was – can have some sort of idea of what to expect. Most of the information I got was from older men 65-80. So, I was confident that I would recover differently than they did.
I’m waiting for my ‘perspective change’ that I’m told comes with having your chest ripped open and your heart poked with sharp sticks. I’m sure that I’ll make some life changes.
But David, You're not Moses!
I hope that I’m happy above all; I’m absolutely expecting to me. Deep down, I hope that I’m becoming¬†a cult-leading,¬†tattooed biker guy.

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