Utah Bound!

Something about a carwash makes The Durango run better. Didn’t skimp on price, because I don’t want any excuses if I break down on the way.
Oil Change : check.
New Plugs: check
Fuel Injection  cleaned: check

All my belongings have been condensed, “space-savered” and packed into tubs.  I pride myself on being a minimalist so I was a bit surprised that I ended up having to leave stuff behind,and donated a large pile of clothes – NOT to Goodwill Industries.

Currently in the cattle queue at SportClips.  Gotta make sure I’m pretty just in case something happens to me.  I don’t expect that it will.

Lots of podcasts downloaded and a few audiobooks on deck for back up.

Lunch at the Perch with the quite lovely Alexis Ortega, then a quick tan.  Few more items to toss into the Durango….

On second thought, I’ll leave ass early in the morning.