“Trump’s” Wall? It’s everyone’s wall.

I’m clearly missing something.
We put fences up around our yard to keep unauthorized people out.
And, if we want them to come in, we let them in the GATE. Does that make us racists?
Does this make Home Owner Associations (who can tell us in what form these fences must be) racist groups?
Why is it racism to prevent people from unknowingly come into AMERICA’S yard? Why can’t immigrants come in the GATE?
I’m going to insist that no one can take an ANTI-WALL position unless they can post pictures of their own PERSONAL walls and fences being torn down.
That’s fair, right?
A friend of mine, who is clearly on the Left commented on my facebook post.
Believe it or not… I’m really not political. I tend to try to reason through this as best I can.
His name is Joe.
Joe – “Why no wall between us and Canada? Oh yeah. Them’s white people. If a white guy popped into your yard, you’d likely ask him what he wanted. If he was of any other race you’d shoot first ask questions later. The wall is an idiotic waste of money and resources. The only wall I want is between the National forest and dipshit oil companies.”

Me – I’d totally agree that “Them’s white people” if you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY believe that Melanin is the issue here, Joe. Really? That’s the ONLY, ONLY, ONLY reason that controlling immigration should be considered? And, won’t you comment about the possibilities of ‘gates’?

And, no. I wouldn’t shoot. I don’t even own a gun. Actually, YOU have been in more fights than I ever have been in my life.

And, the Canada thing… that’s a question for social engineers to study I guess.
Why is it that Canadians DON’T flood across the border or try by the 10’s of thousands to gain entry illegally? I don’t know. If you know, let us know.

When will we start to consider homeless people and epic poor as “races”. Have you performed in any shows where homeless people were rejected at the door?

Race needs to be stop being the FIRST card that people with opposing views throws down.

Me – If the problem with immigration is the ridiculous stack of laws that make entry almost punitive, we should address that. But, let everyone in unannounced. We really kinda DO need to know who’s here. People who live and work here SHOULD pay taxes to their ability. They should be able to contribute the the schools that their children go to… to their ability… they should contribute to the coffers that pay for medical care for the poor… to their ability. No?
Me- Dang Joe…. and if that really is the ONLY wall you want, tear off your front door… leave your windows open. Close the door when you’re in the house for privacy, but when you’re not home leave it open. We see walls and fences every damn day in our lives. The fences around schools aren’t there to “keep out the Mexicans”. The walls around zoos aren’t to ‘keep out the Blacks”. And, the walls around concert and performance venues aren’t targeting any race in particular (except to keep out the non-paying people). Walls seem to have a purpose sometimes. Race isn’t one of them.
Miquela – ( I have a huge crush on her.) –  Who’s paying for it??

Me – I’m not sure that it matters who’s paying for it. I feel like we’re already paying for it.

We pay for the medically uninsured. People can’t be denied care at a hospital – There’s a law against that.
We pay for police officers. Unfortunately, the math there is easy… more people, more crime (even if we were all the exact same shade). Taxes pay for the police officers. We should all pay for each other’s safety… to our ability.
We pay for schools… Our schools are a mess. We can all agree with that. Our classes are too big to really “teach”. Our teachers can’t give the personal time that some students need.

These are all problems that face ANY society.. Sadly, it’s all got to be paid for. Taxes seem to be how government gets the money it needs to pay for things. Regardless of race, adding thousands and thousands of consumers into a system, without contributing to said system, will destroy that system.

t’s also a bit destructive to a system to have consumers enter it, and send bits of it out. It might take time, but that system will also collapse.
Immigrants coming into a system, earning money (whether or not it’s much money is a different discussion), and sending it out of the system to their home countries is destructive to a degree. Taxing international money transfers would pay for that fence quickly.

Mexican people put lifetimes and generations into US land before they were run off by white settlers.

When billionaires start having their livelihood drained, then we can talk about the financial impact of those sending money home. These aren’t folks coming in for anything less than survival. When one man is wiping his ass with gold bars and another works 70 hrs/wk for scraps to send home, it becomes a much greater issue than money.

I can promise that we don’t want to see the impact of removing laborers and destroying ties with our neighbors. The potential ‘savings’ is so not worth it.

Me – I have a problem with words like “all, most, every and nothing”.

Yes, it will solve something.
Ask the landowners along the US/Mexican border if a wall would prevent SUV’s laden with drugs from crossing his property.
Ask him if having a wall would prevent his dogs from barking at those who are peacefully crossing his property at night.
Ask those who drive down the road if a wall would prevent immigrant families from having to dash for their lives across busy freeways.
Ask the immigrants themselves if a wall would keep them from taking a dangerous trek through the desert at night with Cactus minefields, when simply going through the GATE would be preferred. I haven’t one time suggested that immigration be stopped. I’m just saying, “hey friend.. stop crawling in through my window… use the door”.

You hit it square on the head with the “billionaires” comment. Who else would benefit from a labor pool that is here ‘secretly’ and doesn’t have to be reported or paid fairly? Which also makes Trump a unicorn. Why would he want legal workers? Why would he need to know if any of his workers had a criminal past?
Miquela – Perhaps we blow everyone’s mind and remove the top 1% from the country and dole out their resources to all currently illegal Mexican immigrants, give them immediate citizenship, and backpay 😂😂
Me – “Mexican people put lifetimes and generations into US land before they were run off by white settlers. ” Well, you’re right. We can only hope to correct a current path that we’re on. We can’t give the land back to the Indians, or to the herds of free range bison who were here before humans.
Yes, immigrants made this country great. It used to be the promise of America that told every soul in the world to come get your dream. Work hard, be part of society, become what ever you want. America is the greatest members only club in the world, be a member, or come in as a guest. Open bar, free buffet. But, don’t break in just for the stuff. Help us pay for it.
I don’t have kids. Maybe I’ll never be mature or awesome enough to have any in my life. I can’t imagine how expensive it is to pay for ONE kid… or TWO… or TEN… But, I know for a fact that if I had to take care of every kid who walked in, that I’d be overwhelmed. Sadly, there’s always going to be one more kid. We can’t say no.
Our system is being overwhelmed. Our kids need to help with the chores, when they can.
It’s really simple… take more out of a system than is getting put in, eventually there’s going to be nothing left to take out.
Soros is an asshole.
“and dole out their resources to all currently illegal Mexican immigrants” How bout we make them Americans and let them do what Americans do? Let them earn theirs and let them pay theirs?
I’m certainly not a billionaire, I’ll never even pretend to wish I was. That’s a huge number. Corporations are sort of important. The government is a corporation of sorts and it’s the largest employer. Walmart is a sick monster. It’s done more to destroy our economy than any retailer ever. Yet people go there every day. Our habits have empowered the juggernauts. Instead of punishing those who have an idea and build on it to be rich, we should change our habits to prevent good ideas from making people ridiculously rich. Then we’d have to define “rich” though. That will suck.