Ruben Ledesma Jr Picture

Whoa! I found a crazy site !
Here is a picture of Ruben Ledesma Jr that you can share on your site.

The more people share and post this picture, the more likely it is to show up when people search for ruben’s name.

Check out for more information.

This guy is evidently quite a scammer. Looks like one should be careful who you wrong these days.

So, it’s now in the hands of to figure out more on this scammers. Reporter says that he’s going to start calling the businesses that Ruben uses to recruit his marks. This should be interesting.


Update: Ruben claims that he’ll be paying me and SEVERAL other victims off by 7/15/17. We’ll see. I’m pretty sick about it because my gut tells me that He’ll have to scam Peter to pay Paul.
I’ve set up some spiders to find any posts that anyone put online about Ruben and his scams. I’ll update on