Month: May 2012

Don’t look, Doc!

Today, I went out on a limb on my daily morning walk. A couple of weeks ago, I’d charted out a 3 mile route that I would take every day to get my ticker healthy and I thought that I could use my completion times to judge my progress of recovery. My best walking time if I pushed it was about… Read more →

Oh, and another thing…

Body Pillow. Evidently, the whole world knew that body pillows are good for you. I learned right away that sleeping on my side hurt like hell. When I laid on my right side, my left shoulder would roll over and compress my chest. I noticed that it was alot less painful when I hugged a pillow. Get you one. Read more →

San Fran, here we come!

I’ve been really lucky to have friends and family come stay with me over the month after surgery. To everyone’s surprise, I’m in much better shape than I thought I would be. So good in fact, that my brother Rick is gong to take me to San Francisco to get me out of the house this next week. Should be a… Read more →

It’s Phone Hack Day!!

  I’ve been rocking my Samsung Galaxy for better than a year now, and haven’t hacked it yet. I know that some of you will find that quite a surprise. I’ve been happy with the phone, But not really cool with some of the pay features when there are plenty of free ones out there, as long as you can… Read more →

You’re gonna wanna take a crap.

Yeah, evidently pain killers can lock up your butt-hole. So, I’d say that on top of the stool softeners and other stuff that doesn’t really help, think back to the food that irritates your stomach the most. For me, that powerful crap-starter is scrambled eggs with cheese.  It has me pebble-dashing the basin in 20. Read more →

One Week Down

Time really flies, Doesn’t it? Just a week ago, I was just TALKING to a guy about hacking my chest open. One week later, I’m back at home sleeping off the hangover. (I’m not even really hung over!) Home, and getting into my groove, I don’t know for sure that my experience of the past week has soaked in yet.… Read more →