Current Favorite Podcasts

If I don’t have near constant distraction, I find that my mind seems to wander unproductively, or to external brilliant projects.  I’ve found that listening to Podcasts vs Audio books allows me to multitask and maybe even learn something while I’m working. The primary difference with Podcasts vs Audio books is that Podcasts are more timely, IE. modern day current.

Here’s my list. In no particular order.

1. SecurityNow – The latest news on computer / internet security. More often explained in layman’s terms.

2. RadioLab – Quite possibly the best produced show you’ll ever listen to.

3. This week in Tech/This week in Google – Names are pretty self-explanatory I think.

4. Hardcore History – Holy crap. This guy LOVES history. You can’t NOT listen.

5. This American Life – By the creator’s of RadioLab. Another great show.

6 The NoAgenda Show. I’m the donor known as “Black Knight, Sir Mr. Texas of Phoenix.

7. The Tim Ferris Show. – Life Experimenter. His book, “The Four-Hour Body” is a keystone in some of my own self-experimentation.