Cancelling A Vasa Fitness Membership is more difficult than you’d think.

Note: as I post this from my email, I’m already disgusted and frustrated by the circus hoops that Vasa Fitness requires its “valued” members to jump through to cancel their memberships. I need to add that I was extremely happy with my Vasa experience until I made this phone call.

The number one has to call to cancel your account is 801-426-8644 Option 2.

The email address that you’ll get from Member Services is ┬áMake sure that you have your member ID number ready. You’ll need it to cancel, interestingly enough, the visit to the front desk and the phone call to ‘verify your identity’ won’t reference this super important number.


Cancel My account.
I am relocating at the end of August for work.

I have been informed of your inescapable punitive fees. And, you should be aware that your hostility toward your customers is why I won’t be returning. I will be sharing my experience via social media because it’s an excellent example of poor customer service.

A lack of Creativity so vast that they have to steal a logo.
A lack of Creativity so vast that they have to steal a logo to use on Twitter. Shame.
The Steps that I’ve had to follow to simply cancel my account so far have been
1. Inquire about cancelling my membership at the front desk. (I signed up at the front desk, forgive me for thinking it logical that I can cancel at the front desk)
2. Front desk gives me the phone number for member services that I have to call to cancel. (Of course this comes with a patience testing hold time.)
3. Member services answers the phone, and admits that the call serves no purpose other than to give the customer a GENERIC EMAIL ADDRESS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE INCLUDING THE FRONT DESK CLERK.
I’m told to expect that I will get a couple more emails to confirm my identity.
(Again, if I were at the front desk, I could confirm my identity with my state issued driver’s license.)
It is extremely clear that all of these steps are engineered to make cancelling as painful as possible. Instead of making a customer feel appreciated and welcome to come back, one is left with the feeling that he’s just been legally robbed.
Please expect my name to be part of any class action law suits against your company.
CC: Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission.
Have a great day,
So SOMETHING I said in the email above struck a nerve….


Jul 29, 14:31 MST


We are sorry you have had this experience, we strive everyday to make the members experience better!
Your feedback is appreciated. I will submit your cancellation effective 8/31/16 for your gym membership.
Typically with our personal training agreements, we do require proof of residency and $100 cancellation fee.
However we are going to waive this and adjust off the remaining balance of $544.00.

Please let me know if i can assist you with anything further