“Trump’s” Wall? It’s everyone’s wall.

I’m clearly missing something.   We put fences up around our yard to keep unauthorized people out.   And, if we want them to come in, we let them in the GATE. Does that make us racists?   Does this make Home Owner Associations (who can tell us in what form these fences must be) racist groups?   Why is… Read more →

My Condominium was wrecked, and $21,000.00 was stolen by Lisa Renee Petty and one of her ‘husbands’, Craig Scott Humphries.

#Dirty Lake Jackson Contractor #Renovation UPDATE: 6/2/17   This is my story, and I can back everything up. Everything here is public. I want to make my story public. I’ll post the lesson of the story first. Always pre-screen your contractors. If I’d done all of the screening I should have before work started, I would have seen these warning signs… Read more →

Utah Bound!

Something about a carwash makes The Durango run better. Didn’t skimp on price, because I don’t want any excuses if I break down on the way. Oil Change : check. New Plugs: check Fuel Injection  cleaned: check All my belongings have been condensed, “space-savered” and packed into tubs.  I pride myself on being a minimalist so I was a bit… Read more →

The Coffee Challenge

Recently, a bit of a storm blew through My Kingdom. And, many, including myself, thought that it would surely knock the wind out of my sails. Truth is, it did. But, there wasn’t as much damage as I’d expected. I saw it coming. And, the more I looked at the wreckage, I realized that this shake up was a long… Read more →

Stuff I put my mouth on (And stick to my head)

I’m not really afraid of dying. I suppose that anyone can say that. But, I am afraid of being dependent on others. I’m afraid that my twilight years won’t be awesome. I decided that I’m going to live till I die and push the limits of what I think I can be.   The Following are the supplements I take,… Read more →

Current Favorite Podcasts

If I don’t have near constant distraction, I find that my mind seems to wander unproductively, or to external brilliant projects.  I’ve found that listening to Podcasts vs Audio books allows me to multitask and maybe even learn something while I’m working. The primary difference with Podcasts vs Audio books is that Podcasts are more timely, IE. modern day current.… Read more →